What can say for the fake salafi of today
those who inherited the people of irjaa and desires way
Curse and lies in the words they say
more hatred and division amongst each other everyday
Same way hypocrites acted yesterday
Didn’t go forth in gods way
When trouble came they would hide and run away
can get along even with other
but with the leaders of kufr they stay loyal lovers
Because people of bidah always separate amongst each other

they always split and fight
but people sunnah would disagree but unite
Shallow swallow a camel but strain at a gnat
Obey tyrant but beat down a man for length of his pants
blind follower so blind like they live in trance

Fake religious imagery they look good at a glance
Quotes statements of scholars when asked Quran and Sunna they cant
Misleading people false augments and weak rants
One statement yesterday today it’s a new stance
Sweet talk shieks give government fatwas with a slant
Curse there fellow muslim brother but for war on Islam they say remain patient
Treat muslim callers with envy and hatred
Treat scholar’s writings like its Allah’s statements
Long beards short jeans but everything isn’t what it seems
Sincere people fought and died for deen
Not giving paid fatwas behind the kings
Not in the back ground causing separation behind the scenes
No real aim cause or vision
Just here corrupt and cause division
Tell people laziness cowardliness is really wisdom
Tell you when it comes to kufr you should hear and listen
Created by c.i.a supported by f.b.i’s decisions
Dont want to rise for islam so they tell you to go against kufr is forbidden
Make islam for daunya profits what they do for a living
Look for manners righteousness you find it missing
True scholars of the past you find in prison
It takes a price for this life when your upon this mission
You know a bad tree by the fruit it’s giving
You should really watch from whom you take your religion

Who you take your religion from!!