Men or Mice


Mice live to survive

With strong front teeth in their mouth

When trapped it would chew its way through any thing to get out

Should we live as men  to take the same route

was man created to be a waste

perusing your belly,private parts,and pockets in haste

lied your self  up a ladder to gain your place

lying stealing, wake up cant look you self in the face

in the end you have to look at yourself

you deeds and what your actions dealt

how you lived wicked bitter and cold

gain the world but lose your soul

hollow in the inside losing you mold

in the end every thing becomes withered and old

whats going to happen at there no worth in the  silver and gold?

and threes no where to run on the face of the globe

When great thrones turn to the sand

you will be judged by your deeds as a man

the way you lived and what you put forth with your hands

did you stand for good

as you should

spoke for truth

or  you sought the world and stole and lied for for it

But the true Man would stand for   truth  and prepare  to die for it

preach the truth and never be shy for it

offer his arm or right eye for it

they would offer there lives rather then die in sin

they know who has the last say in the end

they know truth against falsehood will always win

This is difference between mice and men


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