The truth hurts only the guilty

Is humiliation whats life’s about
hypocrites tell me I should close my mouth
be a puppet a tool and take the lowly route
No idea what truth is about
fear only the one who created fashioned and built me
say my words are ill mannered ugly and filthy
but the truth  hurts but can only hurt the guilty
Listen! if i threw rock at a group of dogs and they would all depart
I would know the one who got hit would be the one who barks
play sheep but there only wolves and sharks
truth can reveal whats in their ugly hearts
real truth carriers carry the truth open not  back on the fence                                      Their sacrifice and steadfastness was a sign of their messages evidence
Then they where burnt killed and plotted against
threatened and over powered but it was only god the feared
For the few who had ears could hear
Only few true who could stand for truth and bear


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