Man,Woman and child

How did our family become wasted
Man woman and child a lost nation
following the steps of Satan
she looks at me with anger and hatred
I cant trust her when were embracing
All her words are bitter tasting
play the role but were only faking
now our brothers caught in domestic court cases
mad because her father ran
Now she don’t need no man
poor man tries to do what he can
but society took the power out his hand
in a strange land
children with out fathers
life style weakness death and dishonor
young boys no manhood become thieves and bank robbers
raised by wicked woman losers
become evil doers and dealers and pipe users
left with foolish woman and children to rule us
we let the devil fool us
shatan made our woman kaffirs
she used to write scripture chapters
now its only worldly matters
she roams the streets in tight clothes for men to harass her

She was a virgin till she let strangers grab her
she left her home now her  families in disaster
false guidance from wicked church pastors
gigolos hoes and gangster rappers
stuck in the plans of her former masters
she used to know about the devils plots
now she hanging on blocks
hearts hard as a rock
took out her hair natural with locks
now she looks for fake hair at at the Korean shops
spending all that she got
She wicked  flipping on me trying to black mail me with cops
what happened to the family and love
we laying in bed with Beelzebub
late night dancing in clubs
attracted to lowlifes and thugs
we need to rise above
we need healing with each other
trust only the god above us
nobody going to love us if we don’t love us
stop being divas, gangsters, and hustlers
but more  like mothers fathers sisters and brothers


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