African king’s



Same situation again and again

Thinking if they could take a pipe or syringe

maybe they  could make  all the pain end

so they took  their solution  in sin

until they become half dead men

dosing off shivering falling down on their shins

living life looking for a buzz

try full their blood  with alcohol and  drugs

and they could get high  fly in the sky like a dove

And they could sweep  their problems under a rug

some people look for emotions flimsy as love

a phony kiss and UN-sincere hug

cutting your throat slowly  with silk gloves

seen the worst hatred lovers and spouse

once vows now its hatred from their mouths

false union into a burning house

dreams to settle down with a mate

but now no love all they  ever felt is hate

people growing up in a bitter state

losing their mold

now left bitter and cold

People in their life  taking a part of their soul

innocence foundation shaken

in the clutches of Satan

life being a nightmare till you awaken

But If in case you use knowledge as your base

seek good action as if you were competing in a race

nothing in your life would ever be a waste

It would have your set firm and it will put light in your face

What you have and leave will be doubled and never be erased