The nation’s

They hit us with bullets and bombs

burn our Quran

set up our countries with  stooges  and uncle toms

exporting immorality so daughters will be  whores and un-wed moms

And the live the  life they live worse than animals on farms

same story of the past repeated today

old nations acted in the same exact way

is it Babylon and Rome

who had steel and stones

now they have planes and drones

found in dirt in the places they live in roamed

lavish palaces and homes

in the end they turn to dust and bones

walked and pride in their chest

though they were the best

blind in the success until it only come as their test

killed  people of god like they were rodents or pest

until they took righteous as a joke and a jest

Then they were destroyed and we see none of them left


lost generation!

I born a 80s Muslim child

youngest son of Bilal

Used walk to school through puddles of crack viles

Saw crackheads with cracked mouths

on the way by a crack house

after the generation of black panther’s and Jeff fort

all killed or hanged in court

died and fought

children of bondage the sold and bought

killed all we had left

lost guidance of Malcolm x

left us dead in our steps

couldn’t take it riots broke out

from the north to down south

until we all became looters

plot from the gov J Edger  Hover

wanted us to be dope fiends and losers

they wouldn’t give us a gun until its us we shooting

for most of us  its the wrong path we choosing

they set us up to fail

that’s why there building less schools and more jails

life of a black male

designed as a living hell

heading fast to a grave or a cell